Welcome to Tigerlily Cat Rescue

Who We Are:

Tigerlily Cat Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer animal rescue organization, committed to helping homeless cats and kittens find forever homes, and to helping reduce the pet overpopulation problem.

We provide foster homes for cats and kittens, including food, litter, emergency and basic veterinary care for the animals in our organization. We are dedicated to making every effort possible to present healthy, friendly cats and kittens for adoption, and to promote spaying and neutering!

We look forward to the day when there are no more homeless pets!

Upcoming Events

Adoption Events:

Sat 4/26 from 12-3pm at Troy Petsmart (734 E.Big Beaver Rd)

Sat 5/3 from 12-5pm at Troy Petsmart (734 E.Big Beaver Rd) *special extended hours as part of Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend!*

Sat 5/10 from 12-3pm at Troy Petsmart (734 E.Big Beaver Rd)

Fundraising Events:

Sat 4/19 from 10am - 8pm Furbaby Photo Fundraiser - by appointment only! Furbaby Photo Fundraiser!

Wed 4/30 from 5pm-9pm GO MONGO for Tigerlily at bd's Mongolian BBQ in Royal Oak! Go Mongo For Tigerlily!


Noel's Story

Sweet little Noel was found motionless and freezing cold in a Good Samaritan's front yard.  She scooped him up and took him to a local pet store, looking for help.  The petstore contacted Tigerlily, and that afternoon, Noel made his way to Wilson Veterinary Hospital for emergency treatment.  He was treated for shock and hypothermia, and by the next morning was stable, with good vitals, although still immobile and laying on his side.  He did have 4 distinct puncture/bite wounds around his neck too.  It was determined that he needed to see a neurologist to help diagnose his condition.

On Christmas Eve morning, Noel headed out to Animal Neurology, Rehab and ER Center.  He was there from 12/24 through 12/29, and underwent several tests (bloodwork, xrays, CT Scan, spinal fluid tap, and MRI).  Through all these tests and days, this little fellow was eating on his own, alert, bright, and did not appear to be in any pain.  Each day, he seemed to make some small steps towards acting like a normal kitty. 

Noel's diagnosis was infection/inflammation/meningitis caused by the bite wounds, as well as possible traumatic injury to his neck.  He's been receiving treatment - 3 different antibiotics, a probiotic, steroids, and physical therapy.  He can now sit, stand up, and continues to try to walk too!  He is a bit unstable and unbalanced, but can use his litter box, eat on his own, and loves to play!  

Noel has a bit of a road still ahead of him, but this little guy is a fighter for sure!

If you would like to donate to help with Noel's expenses:  via PayPal - please click the Donate Tigerlily!   Via mail:  Tigerlily Cat Rescue  PO Box 815  Sterling Heights MI  48311.   Via his GoFundMe page:  http://www.gofundme.com/5wadk4