Foster Application

If you prefer, you can download the foster application and fax the completed application to 586-710-6880 or email to

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Day Phone

Email Address

Are you able to transport your foster(s) to approved veterinary hospitals and to adoption events?  Yes No

Have you ever fostered an animal before?  Yes No

Please briefly tell us about your prior foster experience:

Please briefly tell us why you would like to foster and what you are hoping to get out of the experience:

About Your Home

Is everyone in the home in agreement with fostering?  Yes No

Number of adults in the home

Number of children in home

Ages of children

Are you willing to teach young children proper care and treatment of animals?  Yes No

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?  Yes No

Who will be the primary caregiver for the foster animal(s)?

Do you own our rent your residence?  Own Rent

If you rent, please provide written confirmation from your landlord that they allow fostering.

Do you have a separate room where your foster animal(s) can be kept?  Yes No

Please briefly describe where the foster animal will be housed

Do you own any pets now?  Yes No

Are your current pets accepting of new animals?  Yes No

Are your current pets spayed/neutered?  Yes No

Are your current pets up to date on vaccines?  Yes No

Do your current pets have any health issues which could affect a foster animal?  Yes No

If yes, please explain

Please let us know which type of cat you are interested in fostering:
 Kitten (4-16 weeks) Kitten (4 – 8months) Litter of kittens Nursing mom and kittens Bottle Babies Emergency/ Temporary Foster only Pregnant cat Young adult (1-3yrs) Adult cat (3-7 yrs) Senior car (8+ yrs) Special Needs Declawed Only

Falsification of any of the above information is grounds to disqualify your application.

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